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Natural beauty
Sat Oct 29, 2016 00:15

When I look at a Harley I see a natural beauty. Although I Love hot rod cars it's as is most of them are wearing make-up. Beautiful as though they might be one thing seals the deal between all old big twins from flattys-shovels and their sportster sisters.

Their exposed motors.

Though cars may have beautiful motors they are forced , by design , to be hidden behind layers of make-up being the outer shell. Old HD's don't have this need or luxury. Their faces , hearts and souls are right there for all to see and is why their original designers created works of art to withstand generations of scrutiny.
Although the uninitiated may adorn them w/pinstripes , metalflake and fancy paintjobs , they still hold their own w/the venerable black paint job.
Their naked face and body are worn proudly and nothing else in their realm can achieve that honest beauty no matter how many baubles are adorned upon it.


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