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Thanks for posting it here...
Sun Nov 13, 2016 21:16

Well written , the left has been trying to crush our American identity since ( at least ) the early eighties. Maybe they did that prior to it , but the sixties seemed a rebellion against authority , but not National identity. Then again being born in the end of 1964 , I was just but a wee lad.
Hope all the Seedy patrons at the new bar are doing well.

Tim (the Maytag repairman ).

  • New article: "PURITAN BIKERS?"Genghis, Sun Nov 13 12:36
    • Re: PURITAN BIKERSPanama XL (PXL, #16, (Lovetoride fb), Sun Nov 27 19:18
      I am one of those too. I have missed this place.
    • Thanks for posting it here... — 47str8leg, Sun Nov 13 21:16
      • Hey Tim!Shovelin It, Tue Nov 15 06:29
        Its been a while since Ive been here. Hope all is well buddy. I think Genghis's latest column was in reference to a comment I made on FB. Super Sandy, my 79 superglide superstorm sandy victim is in... more
      • You're welcome, buddy. *Genghis, Mon Nov 14 12:06
      • we're all good Tim,mr. z, Mon Nov 14 01:29
        Wish you would join us....
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