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Re: Howell Contest
Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:50pm

I totally agree with you on the fact that MO not having a consistent scoring system screws all of this up. For instance, I heard that music individual was 20%. That is odd.

It's also weird that FHC wins music and is 3rd when music is 60% of the score. That's just my point, the judges were so far off from each other it was rediculous. And what about Howell North too? Super strong in all reguards, 5th really? I sat in the cold all day watching and they stood out musically and visually to everyone. Timberland literally ran heel first half the show and North is performing dance terminology in the wind section. Just odd.

FZS goes home? With that hornline? And they won percussion in the division. All this stuff just relates to the guy/gals first comment about poor judging. It's clear.

  • Re: Howell Contest Anonymous, Sun Oct 29 12:40pm
    Fair, but I honestly didn't even bother thinking tie breaker when dealing with 29th and 30th out of finals respectively.
    • Re: Howell Contest — Anonymous, Sun Oct 29 12:50pm
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