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Re: Here’s an Idea
Fri Jun 8, 2018 7:51pm

I would agree that FHSD has the best band programs around, being a FHHS grad myself. Since Northwest Ceder Hill is school district and highschool he will attend I don't think he could attend FHN's band. Also, it is a bit far for him to get rides. Thanks for the help though.

  • Here’s an IdeaAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 7:47pm
    Its probably for the best if he missed camp. You couldn’t pay me to be in a program like that... just awful. I think a heard of zebras aggressively mating would sound better than that program. Now,... more
    • Re: Here’s an IdeaAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 7:59pm
      100% agree. FHN has been a staple in the Missouri marching arts for years. No other school can come close to the winning tradition. Watch 04’ grand nats.... UN...BELIEVABLE
    • Re: Here’s an Idea — Rachel, Fri Jun 8 7:51pm
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