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Re: Northwest High Ceder Hill
Fri Jun 8, 2018 8:03pm

Wasn’t Joe Stacey the Director of FHN in 2004?

  • Northwest High Ceder HillRachel, Fri Jun 8 11:34am
    Anyone know when Band Camp starts? I am looking for my besties son, who is an incoming freshman. He is unsure when band camp starts and heard a rumor it was last week.
    • Re: Northwest High Ceder Hill — Anonymous, Fri Jun 8 8:03pm
      • Re: Northwest High Ceder HillAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 8:48pm
        He absolutely was. His life and legend still live on to this day. It was once said he was able to manipulate the midichlorians to create life, and yearly exquisite band shows. I can’t confirm nor... more
      • Re: Northwest High Ceder HillAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 8:38pm
        Nice to see some FHN props. “NAIL THAT PUPPY”
    • Here’s an IdeaAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 7:47pm
      Its probably for the best if he missed camp. You couldn’t pay me to be in a program like that... just awful. I think a heard of zebras aggressively mating would sound better than that program. Now,... more
      • Re: Here’s an IdeaAnonymous, Fri Jun 8 7:59pm
        100% agree. FHN has been a staple in the Missouri marching arts for years. No other school can come close to the winning tradition. Watch 04’ grand nats.... UN...BELIEVABLE
      • Re: Here’s an IdeaRachel, Fri Jun 8 7:51pm
        I would agree that FHSD has the best band programs around, being a FHHS grad myself. Since Northwest Ceder Hill is school district and highschool he will attend I don't think he could attend FHN's... more
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