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Sat Oct 6, 2018 11:33pm

Can we all agree that FHN is the best band in the state yet again? I mean.... not even close in my opinion.

    • Re: FHNNEWBIE, Sun Oct 28 12:11am
      How about Blue Springs taking 2nd in BOA St. Louis Super Regional?
    • Re: FHNAnonymous, Tue Oct 9 9:03pm
      Why do you embarrass a good program so much? Are they good? Yes. Are they the best in Missouri? I think 17 points from last weekend answers that question. Knock it off ... you are doing a disservice... more
      • Re: FHNAnonymous, Wed Oct 10 6:12am
        I think the first message is sarcastic. Again, why?
    • Re: FHNAnonymous, Mon Oct 8 7:51am
      Give it time. Joe was great, but it took him time to build it. I have seen them. They are on their way.
    • Re: FHNAnonymous, Sun Oct 7 10:04am
      Not since Joe Stacey left.
      • Re: FHNAnonymous, Sun Oct 7 10:07am
        God bless him
        • Re: FHNAnonymous, Sat Oct 13 2:09pm
          If only he wore a tighter belt!
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