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Re: Ste gen results?
Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:27pm

They're on the Greater St Louis Marching FB page. Its a PDF which I don't think can be shared here (and I tried to find a way to add a link but that did not work either).

  • Re: Ste gen results?Anonymous, Mon Oct 29 5:21pm
    Can you share them please? I can't find them anywhere.
    • Re: Ste gen results? — Anonymous, Mon Oct 29 6:27pm
      • Re: Ste gen results?Anonymous, Tue Oct 30 12:20am
        Thanks for letting me know. I'll look again but I'm not finding it on the page.
        • Re: Ste gen results?Anonymous, Tue Oct 30 7:43am
          Try this ...
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