Sky Masterson
Re: Ruby Begonia
Fri Dec 7, 2007 09:44 (XFF:

The short answer is "No," it doesn't have an A&A connection. Flip Wilson used it in a comedy routine, and Sammy Davis Jr. and Pigmeat Markham might have used it on "Laugh-In." If you page back far enough on this board, and I don't know if there's any cutoff date, Elizabeth McLeod does a good job of explaining "Ruby Begonia." Her final assessment, IIRC, is that "Ruby Begonia" is possibly the punch line from some long-forgotten Chitlin Circuit schtick, and the name itself might have referred to a woman of questionable morality.

  • Ruby BegoniaBlazz, Thu Dec 6 14:43
    Was there a character on Amos n' Andy by the name of Ruby Begonia? If so, I would love to learn more. If not, does anyone know where the question "Does the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?"... more
    • "Ruby Begonia"Bob, Tue Nov 1 10:19
      As I recall it, Kingfish asked Amos, "Do the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?" in an "Amos & Andy" radio episode in the 1940s or 1950s. I never heard the name, again, so I don't know if Ruby ... more
      • Ruby BegoniaHarold, Wed Nov 2 15:52
        I know for a fact that the term Ruby Begonia was never used in any of the TV show episodes of Amos and Andy. I know every one of the available episodes by heart, word for word. I also have never... more
        • Ruby BegoniaJerry C. Stanaway, Wed Nov 2 21:39
          I used to hear people say, "Does the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?" on ROWAN AND MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN but never associated it with Amos'n'Andy. I'm also not certain why that question was... more
    • Re: Ruby Begonia — Sky Masterson, Fri Dec 7 09:44
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