Sat Jan 10, 2009 13:21 (XFF:

I remember those ads, and they weren't considered controversial back then. Somewhere along the line they disappeared, but whether it was just time for a new ad or because it was decided at a later date that it was inappropriate I have no idea.

With what goes on on the internet these days, it's not surprising that there is a lot of caution about even seemingly innocent exposure.

  • NudityJerry, Fri Jan 9 21:44
    Do you remember those Coppertone sun-tan lotion ads that featured a dog pulling at a girls pants and exposing her untanned buttocks? To the best of my knowledge that wasn't even considered... more
    • Re: NudityAnonymous, Wed Aug 17 09:25
      There were several incidents of nudity in The Little Rascals, which you can read about here. In one scene, Alfalfa and the... more
      • Re: NudityAnonymous, Mon Sep 5 17:09
        In 1960, Disney released the movie "Pollyanna", where the opening sequence is a 12-year-old boy skinny-dipping. In the film, they show him nude from the back. However, when they were shooting the... more
    • Coppertone — Ann, Sat Jan 10 13:21
      • naked girlsHarold, Sun Jan 11 05:30
        The Coppertone girl ad was just a drawn picture caricature of a little girl. Some people thought that was cute. That is not the same as showing a real live girl getting her pants pulled down. Did the ... more
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