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Sun Jan 11, 2009 05:30 (XFF:

The Coppertone girl ad was just a drawn picture caricature of a little girl. Some people thought that was cute. That is not the same as showing a real live girl getting her pants pulled down. Did the commercials ever show an actual live girl? I don't remember and I can't find anything on the Internet other than a mention that a young Jodie Foster played in a commercial for Coppertone. With pedophiles galore out there in the real world, I am sure that is why the ads were finally pulled and replaced with more appropriate ones. Believe it or not, my local YMCA allowed little girls under age 5 in the men's locker. Fathers were bringing their naked daughters into the shower with them and some were unsupervised running around the locker room while Dad was in the Sauna. I was taking a shower one day when a little naked girl was brought into the shower and was staring at me. I was extremely embarrassed and angry too. When I dressed, I confronted the YMCA director who said it is policy to allow the little girls and boys into the opposite sex shower and locker area. I contacted the national office of the YMCA and they said they do not get involved in local YMCA policies. I contacted the police department and they said there was nothing they could do. I contacted the city mayor and city council who also stated they could not intervene. I contacted several well known local ministers of big churches but all I got was the churches only handle problems within their own ministry. The only answer I could get was not to use the shower or quit my membership.
I even set up a one man picket line outside the building protesting this policy and I tried to get the local newspaper to get involved. They only printed a small article about it once. I tried to get the Toledo Ohio and Cleveland television stations to come and do a story but all I got was indifference from Cleveland. Toledo TV 13 wanted to go into the locker and secretly on hidden camera film the little girls running around. I vetoed that because now you are capturing little naked girls on film with grown naked men and that has got to be illegal to film in a locker room where people undress. I demanded to give a presentation talk to the YMCA Board of Administrators which was a 7 member board of local appointees. They listened but made no comment other than they will take my viewpoints under consideration. Eventually I was threatened by the YMCA director with expulsion if I continued my crusade and amazingly I got little public support. The chairman of the board of the YMCA wrote a letter to the local paper and blasted me saying I must have a mental problem. She said the naked body is beautiful and the policy would not be changed. I gave up and terminated my YMCA membership and I have not entered that YMCA in more than 12 years now. I had so much bitterness and obsession with changing this apalling policy that I had several sessions with a Psychiatrist to help me cope with my frustration. If anyone does not believe this incredible story, contact me and I will send you the newspaper clippings including the article that says I must be crazy.

  • CoppertoneAnn, Sat Jan 10 13:21
    I remember those ads, and they weren't considered controversial back then. Somewhere along the line they disappeared, but whether it was just time for a new ad or because it was decided at a later... more
    • naked girls — Harold, Sun Jan 11 05:30
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