Wed Jan 14, 2009 05:24 (XFF:

Let me understand the equation here. Nudists go to nudist parks and campgrounds with the knowledge there will be people there undressed. That is their lifestyle. You can't walk down the street in public or go to a mall nude. You will be arrested. I believe the charge is called public indecency. As beautiful as you think the human body is, it can't be put on public display. I chose to go to exercise and if I am showering off, I don't want little nude girls in the shower staring at me. I don't like to see other nude men staring at the nude body of young girls. One man had three daughters 5, 4 and 3 in the shower. Another man would go into the sauna for at least 15 minutes leaving his daughter to run around the locker room unsupervised. If I showered with my daughter at home and my ex wife found out about it, I would be arrested or at least she would see that my visitation rights were suspended forever. I can give you the address of my local YMCA Jerry and you can go there and ogle at all the nude little girls you want since it is acceptable to you.

  • NudityJerry, Tue Jan 13 06:39
    My entire family used to visit nudist camps when I was a child, so I am a person who was not raised to believe that nudity is unacceptable.
    • unacceptable — Harold, Wed Jan 14 05:24
      • Have a nice dayJerry, Wed Jan 14 07:05
        Ogling is not acceptable to me. That isn't what I meant. Have a nice day.
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