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Address of Andy
Tue Aug 17, 2010 16:04

Get ready to collect whatever you bet Bob. Andy actually had several addresses as did the Kingfish. But if you want to show your friend proof of Andy's address, show him or her the episode called "The Traffic Violation". There you will find Kingfish giving Andy's driver's license to the traffic cop and there on the license is Andy's name and address of 134 West 138th Street.

  • Andy's addressBob, Sat Aug 14 12:36
    I need to know if anyone knows what Andy Brown's address was in the show. A friend bet me that they never mentioned his address. Also if possible let me know what the episode name is that might... more
    • Address of Andy — Harold, Tue Aug 17 16:04
      • AddressBob, Thu Aug 19 13:39
        Fabulous. I love being right and socking it to my arrogant over confidant friends. I showed that episode to my friend on youtube and his mouth dropped open. He thinks he knows all about Amos and Andy ... more
        • you are welcomeharold, Sat Aug 21 14:49
          Glad to help Bob. Sometimes I amaze even myself.
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