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Religion in Amos and Andy
Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:37

Yes I agree that George Stevens may not have been the most church going man in the world but are we sure he did not have faith? The writers did not show him going to church but is that a real indicator? The show really does not address this issue. He was a scoundrel but my church is full of scoundrels who pray on Sunday and do the devil's work every other day of the week. You mentioned Andy Griffith Show. Aunt Bee always attended church and sang in the choir and did many church related activities. George Kingfish Stevens did go to the church when Andy was marryng Madame Queen. He also was there in church when Andy married the girl in that episode that was considered lost called Andy Gets Married.

  • Re: Religious StevensAnn, Mon Aug 23 08:04
    Interesting post, Harold. I think in most shows back then, sitcoms anyway, while people might not have been shown actually going to church, they were more often portrayed as behaving as church-going... more
    • Religion in Amos and Andy — Sandra, Mon Aug 23 11:37
      • no church for GeorgeHarold, Tue Aug 24 05:29
        I agree that George may not have been the epitomy of honesty and he could work the con better than anyone who ever graced the films of fiction land. As for his religious beliefs, that was never... more
        • Re: no church for GeorgeAnonymous, Tue Aug 24 14:46
          Yes, I agree that George may not have been a church going man if you go by the fact he was not seen in church during the run of the show. I also agree that if I had listened carefully I would have... more
          • Re:no churchHarold, Tue Aug 24 17:00
            I am sure that is you Sandra and you forgot to put your name. It will come up as anonymous if you dont put a name in.
            • anonymousSandra, Wed Aug 25 10:33
              Yes, that was me who forgot to put my name in. Don't forget though Mr. Harold, you were answering my husband Bob on a post and you put his name in there instead of your own. We're all fallable aren't ... more
              • A & ADanny, Thu Aug 26 10:22
                No, certainly not everybody.
              • NamesAnn, Thu Aug 26 08:06
                I think one time I put the Subject in where my name should have been, lol!
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