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$100,000 mystery
Thu Sep 2, 2010 04:27

I remember writing about this $100,000 in a past posting. George and Andy found $100,000 stuffed in a chair. This episode always intrigued me and at the same time puzzled me. The scenario is not far-fetched as people find this much and more all the time. It was fascinating because it makes you wonder what you would have done in such a situation. Many people would try to find the rightful owner. Or turn it in to the police. Others would have it spent in no time. What is puzzling to me is the Kingfish's reaction.
There's no chance he would turn it in and even Sapphire who many times disagreed with Kingfish getting money in suspect ways, did not question the ownership of the money. She went out and bought all new furniture, clothes and even cigarettes even though she did not know how to smoke. It just made her look more sophisticated in her mind. What I find incredible and goes against the grain is for the first time, Kingfish has stumbled across a huge windfall that would set him up for life. In the past he had always been content with relatively small connivances. he would laugh with glee if he was able to snooker 50 bucks out of Andy. He was even content to con Andy out of $5.00 by making Andy think he had amnesia and had borrowed 5 Bucks from Kingfish when in actuality he had not. Kingfish would even stoop so low as to con small change out of people like trying not to pay Calhoun back 35 cents for a ball game admission. On another occasion he borrowed a buck from Andy and had him buy a couple cigars and demanded the change back.
What is incredibly against the grain for Kingfish is for the first time he did not try to con Andy out of his share of the $100,000. It is inconceivable that Kingfish many times laid the con on Andy to get whatever he could out of him. Stocks, cars, Uranium rights, valuable nickel and of course sums of money. The most he conned out of Andy was $1000 for a lot with no house on it. Now he had a chance to beat Andy out of $50,000 and he never showed any interest in going after it. Of course, it is unimaginable that he would turn $100,000 over to two strangers to invest the cash in stocks. But that is how fiction works out. Don't try to look too deeply into the story because it gets into the writers mind who need to concoct situations whether they make sense or not. There is no way the unscrupulous, crafty Kingfish would have been content with only his portion. He would have pulled out all the stops and came up the with the most brilliant con job he has ever pulled to get that $50,000 from Andy. This easily could have evolved into a part 1 and part 2 just as Getting Mama Married was done in two parts. I remember the first time I watched this episode and after previously watching other episodes of Kingfish working his magic on Andy, I was wondering how he was going to get all the money. It never happened and I was left with a "What Happened" attitude? True enough, Kingfish initially tried to conceal the fact he had discovered the money in the chair and Andy also was not forthcoming when he discovered the money also. That was the extent of the treachery and it did not last very long before both teamed up to share the money. It would have been great to see what incredible scheme the Kingfish would have whipped up to get Andy's share and of course eventually lose it all back to the rightful owner.

    • writers should give a reasonAnn, Fri Sep 3 13:49
      for someone acting out of character, which, as you pointed out Harold, Kingfish did. Maybe they could have had Kingfish about to step in front of a bus because he wasn't watching for traffic, and... more
      • WritersHarold, Sat Sep 4 06:10
        .Kingfish was a true brother and leader of the Mystic Knights of the Sea but his loyalty was not too good as he was not above cheating money out of the lodge members individually and as a whole. When ... more
        • RE:moneyBOB, Sat Sep 4 10:32
          Good analysis Harold. Very provocative subject. I had seen on the news reports of a mother and a son who bought lottery tickets together for years and vowed to share half and half any winnings. It... more
          • Get it in writingHarold, Sun Sep 5 09:16
            Yes, Bob, Put it in writing even if it is your Mother Father or even your spouse. To many people think that to ask for an agreement in writing is rude if you are related or very good friends. Big... more
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