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writers should give a reason
Fri Sep 3, 2010 13:49

for someone acting out of character, which, as you pointed out Harold, Kingfish did. Maybe they could have had Kingfish about to step in front of a bus because he wasn't watching for traffic, and Andy grabs the back of his collar and pulls him to safety, thus making Kingfish grateful enough (at least temporarily) that he would willingly share the money. There could certainly have been some humor as Kingfish struggled with greed vs. gratitude.

Or else, again as Harold said, have Kingfish behave as he normally would and let us see what scheme he would have cooked up to get Andy's share.

  • $100,000 mysteryHarold, Thu Sep 2 04:27
    I remember writing about this $100,000 in a past posting. George and Andy found $100,000 stuffed in a chair. This episode always intrigued me and at the same time puzzled me. The scenario is not... more
    • writers should give a reason — Ann, Fri Sep 3 13:49
      • WritersHarold, Sat Sep 4 06:10
        .Kingfish was a true brother and leader of the Mystic Knights of the Sea but his loyalty was not too good as he was not above cheating money out of the lodge members individually and as a whole. When ... more
        • RE:moneyBOB, Sat Sep 4 10:32
          Good analysis Harold. Very provocative subject. I had seen on the news reports of a mother and a son who bought lottery tickets together for years and vowed to share half and half any winnings. It... more
          • Get it in writingHarold, Sun Sep 5 09:16
            Yes, Bob, Put it in writing even if it is your Mother Father or even your spouse. To many people think that to ask for an agreement in writing is rude if you are related or very good friends. Big... more
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