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Sat Sep 4, 2010 10:32

Good analysis Harold. Very provocative subject. I had seen on the news reports of a mother and a son who bought lottery tickets together for years and vowed to share half and half any winnings. It was an oral agreement and nothing was put in writing. Well, they won 2.15 million in a lottery and you guessed it, the the son who purchased and possessed the ticket did not want to give the Mother her half. A judge had to decide the outcome. There is not much honor when greed rears it's ugly face. There's no logic behind Kingfish not swindling Andy out of his half. There is also no logic behind Kingfish finding the money and then not trying to prevent Andy from knowing about it's existence. For story purposes, Kingfish
told Andy not to try and fix the chair because he knew Andy would discover the money. Why not just send Andy away on some pretense and then he would have had all the money for himself. The writers concocted a storyline by having Kingfish leave the room which was an open invitation for Andy to snoop around inside the chair. If I wanted to swindle Andy, I would not have left him in the room alone knowing the chair was full of money.

  • WritersHarold, Sat Sep 4 06:10
    .Kingfish was a true brother and leader of the Mystic Knights of the Sea but his loyalty was not too good as he was not above cheating money out of the lodge members individually and as a whole. When ... more
    • RE:money — BOB, Sat Sep 4 10:32
      • Get it in writingHarold, Sun Sep 5 09:16
        Yes, Bob, Put it in writing even if it is your Mother Father or even your spouse. To many people think that to ask for an agreement in writing is rude if you are related or very good friends. Big... more
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