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Get it in writing
Sun Sep 5, 2010 09:16

Yes, Bob, Put it in writing even if it is your Mother Father or even your spouse. To many people think that to ask for an agreement in writing is rude if you are related or very good friends. Big mistake! Kingfish did the same thing when he agreed to share the reward money of $500 for finding the diamond ring in the episode called Kingfish at the Ball game. He used Andy to get the ring back from a girl he had given it to and then once he had the ring in his possession, Kingfish conned Andy out of his half share. Of course, he lost the reward money and that gave viewers a serves him right attitude. That may be a consolation to us who watch the show, but in reality it still meant Andy got cheated out of his $250.00. Incredible to think Kingfish would let Andy slide with $50,000

  • RE:moneyBOB, Sat Sep 4 10:32
    Good analysis Harold. Very provocative subject. I had seen on the news reports of a mother and a son who bought lottery tickets together for years and vowed to share half and half any winnings. It... more
    • Get it in writing — Harold, Sun Sep 5 09:16
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