Tue Sep 14, 2010 08:10

I don't remember Kingfish being a woman chaser, but I am going only by memory! There was one show where Kingfish goes to a restaurant and I seem to remember he runs into a woman who his now famous, but was someone he knew long before she was famous, but can't remember if there was anything "romantic" about their relationship or not. Harold, do know what this episode was by my not very detailed memory of it?

  • CalhounSandra, Fri Sep 10 13:26
    I have a question about Calhoun. Was he married? Did he have a girlfriend if not married? Last question. Was Kingfish a bit of a woman chaser or was he entirely devoted to wife Sapphire?
    • Kingfish — Ann, Tue Sep 14 08:10
      • Kingfish the flirtHarold, Tue Sep 14 17:03
        Ann, that episode was called "The Birthday Card". Kingfish thought an old girlfriend might have sent him a birthday card that infuriated Sapphire. The old girlfriend was a beautiful entertainer but... more
        • Sapphire was trueSandra, Wed Sep 15 07:33
          I really like it when Mr. Harold not only answers the questions but he always provides the names of the specific episodes. This makes it easy for me and others to go look at the episode and observe... more
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