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Kingfish the flirt
Tue Sep 14, 2010 17:03

Ann, that episode was called "The Birthday Card". Kingfish thought an old girlfriend might have sent him a birthday card that infuriated Sapphire. The old girlfriend was a beautiful entertainer but Kingfish had no desire to rekindle an old flame in this show. However, to answer Sandra's question as to if Kingfish had a playful side, I would have to say he did although it was implied and not actually shown. For example in "Kingfish's Secretary", he hired a gorgeous young Daphne Jackson but he lied to Sapphire and told her his secretary was middle-aged, unattractive and plain as an old shoe. Then, when Sapphire unexpectantly came to his office and saw the plunging neckline, she confronted the sleeping Kingfish in his office. He obviously was having an erotic dream about his sexy secretary and muttered in his sleep, "Take a letter Sweetheart". In another episode called The Girl at the Station", Kingfish paid $42 to get 42 kisses from Glorietta at a dollar apiece at a charity bazaar. Then Sapphire caught him at a hostess's party gallivanting with Glorietta in the kitchen with his hand down the back of her dress. In another episode, Kingfish danced with every woman at the party except Sapphire who he says he was just getting around to when his sacroiliac gave out. Kingfish was never shown actually fooling around but he certainly flirted with the idea. To answer the inquiry about Calhoun.
He was never shown with a girlfriend and none was ever mentioned. He obviously was not married. He did cast glances at several nurses in "Father by Proxy" So I guess his libido was normal if that is what you are wondering about Sandra.

  • KingfishAnn, Tue Sep 14 08:10
    I don't remember Kingfish being a woman chaser, but I am going only by memory! There was one show where Kingfish goes to a restaurant and I seem to remember he runs into a woman who his now famous,... more
    • Kingfish the flirt — Harold, Tue Sep 14 17:03
      • Sapphire was trueSandra, Wed Sep 15 07:33
        I really like it when Mr. Harold not only answers the questions but he always provides the names of the specific episodes. This makes it easy for me and others to go look at the episode and observe... more
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