Sapphire was true
Wed Sep 15, 2010 07:33

I really like it when Mr. Harold not only answers the questions but he always provides the names of the specific episodes. This makes it easy for me and others to go look at the episode and observe what the subject or answer to the question is. 42 Kisses? Sapphire mentions George paying $42 which was a lot of money back then but she did not sound too jealous, nor did she stop him after the first couple of kisses. Sapphire also flirted three or four times but each time was for the motive of getting George jealous. She appeared to be true and blue to her husband. Reminds me a lot of myself!

  • Kingfish the flirtHarold, Tue Sep 14 17:03
    Ann, that episode was called "The Birthday Card". Kingfish thought an old girlfriend might have sent him a birthday card that infuriated Sapphire. The old girlfriend was a beautiful entertainer but... more
    • Sapphire was true — Sandra, Wed Sep 15 07:33
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