John Miller
Hubert J, Smithers
Sat Sep 18, 2010 21:19

Can anyone tell me the actor who portrayed Hubert J. Smithers in the "Getting Momma Married" episodes. The Internet Movie Database does not provide that character's name. Further, I cannot find a reference on this site.

I anticipate that Harold will know the answer to this. I watched the episodes (parts 1 & 2) today. The role is uncredited on the DVDs that I have

I would also like to know other parts (both A&A et. al.) that this actor was cast.

Thanks in advance.

    • Smithers identityBob, Mon Sep 20 11:56
      I don't pretend to know the answer to who played Mr. Smithers. I do notice there are a lot of actors and actresses who played in the Amos and Andy episodes that did not get any billing in the closing ... more
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