hatred is alive
Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:14

Three things in life are certain. Taxes, death and Brackett attacks. We can always depend on the hatemonger tea bagger to respond with the usual venomous, personal attack everytime the H word is mentioned. Since you like tea parties,somebody ought to tea bag you Danny and I hope you look up the real intent of what it means to tea bag. Thank goodness we will bring back some sanity on the 30th of this month in DC.

  • A & ADanny, Sat Oct 16 07:19
    WOW! Am I ever shocked! I was led to believe by all the beautiful, politically correct people who found fault with a dissenting view, that this site would be deluged with activity once they got rid... more
    • Re: A & AAnn, Sun Oct 17 10:42
      Wow, do you just read the board every day waiting for someone to mention that things are a bit slow so you can jump in and make a snarky comment about it?
      • mine not hersSandra, Mon Oct 18 08:24
        No, Danny it was my posting you first responded to not Ann's. What is so sad is that you actually used to post many good articles and as I recall you were very well-versed on the radio shows of Amos... more
      • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 17 12:33
        I can only read since it is your group that has made it clear that a dissenting voice is never welcome. I do appreciate your responding since it was your posting I was responding to in the first... more
    • hatred is alive — Bob, Sat Oct 16 11:14
      • A & ADanny, Sat Oct 16 11:46
        The real sanity will return on that much anticipated Tuesday in November. Tea bag is your term not the correct term. Tea party or tea bag, no matter, its working. By the way, you are the one that... more
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