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A & A
Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:33

I can only read since it is your group that has made it clear that a dissenting voice is never welcome. I do appreciate your responding since it was your posting I was responding to in the first place.

  • Re: A & AAnn, Sun Oct 17 10:42
    Wow, do you just read the board every day waiting for someone to mention that things are a bit slow so you can jump in and make a snarky comment about it?
    • mine not hersSandra, Mon Oct 18 08:24
      No, Danny it was my posting you first responded to not Ann's. What is so sad is that you actually used to post many good articles and as I recall you were very well-versed on the radio shows of Amos... more
    • A & A — Danny, Sun Oct 17 12:33
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