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mine not hers
Mon Oct 18, 2010 08:24

No, Danny it was my posting you first responded to not Ann's.
What is so sad is that you actually used to post many good articles and as I recall you were very well-versed on the radio shows of Amos and Andy. However for the last couple of years you have lowered yourself to only posting sarcastic and bitter comments whenever someone tries to liven things up on this forum when it gets slow. I have looked at all your past postings and for the past couple years you never contribute anything worthwhile. That is your choice but I wonder why you read the forum waiting for someone to mention it is slow so you can ridicule Harold. Even when he returned after a year and a half layoff and it was really dead while he was gone, the postings were numerous once he returned but you posted a really redundant article talking about the forum is more sparse than ever. What kind of right wing spin was that? I will agree with you though, that you will get your little victories come election time. It is almost traditional that control of Congress always shifts during mid term elections. The radical tea party will get a few victories and lose more than they win. It will be offset though because even if the Tea Party loses a race, the Republicans who don't endorse the Republican based Tea Party will still take offices. I am a Democrat and I admit your two parties of the GOP will take control. It's unfortunate that they will obstruct and not try to work with the current President and administration to right this economic deficit which will benefit all Americans. Meanwhile Danny, is it asking too much to get you to revert back to your expertise on the Radio programs of Amos and Andy and the televised show. If Harold does decide to return, don't get jealous just because the content and context of the postings improve tremendously.

  • Re: A & AAnn, Sun Oct 17 10:42
    Wow, do you just read the board every day waiting for someone to mention that things are a bit slow so you can jump in and make a snarky comment about it?
    • mine not hers — Sandra, Mon Oct 18 08:24
    • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 17 12:33
      I can only read since it is your group that has made it clear that a dissenting voice is never welcome. I do appreciate your responding since it was your posting I was responding to in the first... more
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