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Re:A&A movies
Wed Oct 20, 2010 09:19

Yes, I forgot to sign in. I have a habit of writing whatever I want to say and then filling in the name where it says author. It must automatically put anonymous in there if no name is entered. My wife Sandra and I enjoy this forum. The topics you bring up Ann are invariably very good and they make you think. Here is a controversial statement that I am going to make. Gosden and Correll were on the air for more than three decades and made a movie and appeared in a second one. They wrote a book about themselves and made personal appearances. They made millions off endorsements. They sold their program rights for millions. My statement is The actors who were on the TV show worked for peanuts. The main characters were paid $500 a week, Most of them were typecast and only a couple of them like Amanda Randolph and Roy Glenn got steady acting jobs after the show folded. Tim Moore died so broke that his estate could not even afford to pay for his funeral. Sammy Davis Jr. paid for it along with some donations from other entertainers. Correll and Gosden did nothing to help financially these Black actors and actresses after their contracts ended. Even when the cast members attempted to go on tour to make a little money and do skits as the cast of Amos and Andy, they were legally blocked from doing so because of copyright laws. My statement is Correll and Gosden who played White men playing as Negroes died millionaires and the real Black people like Spencer Williams, Tim Moore and Alvin Childress and Horace Stewart struggled financially till the day they died.This pathos and injustice should be the basis and central theme of any movie they might make on Amos n Andy in the future.

  • Re: A & A movieAnn, Wed Oct 20 08:16
    Thanks for all the information! (Did you forget to put in your name?) With so many cable stations there days, I am surprised there has not at least been something done recently on the A&A show and... more
    • Re:A&A movies — Bob, Wed Oct 20 09:19
      • A&A moviesrichard, Thu Oct 21 08:43
        So true. Adding insult to injury,these great performers are unknown or obscure today because A & A have been blackballed from TV all theses years. Its a shame that so many of the talented and popular ... more
      • Re:A&A moviesAnn, Thu Oct 21 08:01
        I agree with your statement, Bob. I would add only that it was worse for the actors in A&A, but I think in general in Hollywood actors were scr^w^d over by the studios. It wasn't until fairly recent... more
        • pitiful residualsHarold, Fri Oct 22 02:27
          Sometimes personal projects take my attention away from participating in the discussion group of Amos and Andy. It is nice to know some people enjoy my interaction and I also expect my protagonist to ... more
          • ResidualsSandra, Fri Oct 22 12:25
            Hey Harold. It is nice to know you are ok. I emailed you a couple times but got no reply. Glad to see you are in good health. That was a good article about residuals. I often wondered what salary was ... more
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