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Re:A&A movies
Thu Oct 21, 2010 08:01

I agree with your statement, Bob.

I would add only that it was worse for the actors in A&A, but I think in general in Hollywood actors were scr^w^d over by the studios. It wasn't until fairly recent times that actors even got residuals!

  • Re:A&A moviesBob, Wed Oct 20 09:19
    Yes, I forgot to sign in. I have a habit of writing whatever I want to say and then filling in the name where it says author. It must automatically put anonymous in there if no name is entered. My... more
    • A&A moviesrichard, Thu Oct 21 08:43
      So true. Adding insult to injury,these great performers are unknown or obscure today because A & A have been blackballed from TV all theses years. Its a shame that so many of the talented and popular ... more
    • Re:A&A movies — Ann, Thu Oct 21 08:01
      • pitiful residualsHarold, Fri Oct 22 02:27
        Sometimes personal projects take my attention away from participating in the discussion group of Amos and Andy. It is nice to know some people enjoy my interaction and I also expect my protagonist to ... more
        • ResidualsSandra, Fri Oct 22 12:25
          Hey Harold. It is nice to know you are ok. I emailed you a couple times but got no reply. Glad to see you are in good health. That was a good article about residuals. I often wondered what salary was ... more
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