Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:25

Hey Harold. It is nice to know you are ok. I emailed you a couple times but got no reply. Glad to see you are in good health. That was a good article about residuals. I often wondered what salary was paid to the actors and actresses on Amos and Andy. $500 a week was a mere pittance for how talented and humorous they were. No matter how many times I look at the videos you sent Bob and I, we still laugh at the punch lines we know are coming. As for Randy Jackson getting less than Paula Abdul and Simon and Lopez and Tyler, That is the way of the world and Randy Jackson knows he is getting the shaft or short end of the stick but he is smart enough to take the millions they are paying him and not rock the boat. They paid Ellen Degeneres 15 million to Randy's 10 million. Tyler will quit after a year and I expect Lopez to take the money and run also after a year. Abdul will be back eventually if the show continues for a few more years.

  • pitiful residualsHarold, Fri Oct 22 02:27
    Sometimes personal projects take my attention away from participating in the discussion group of Amos and Andy. It is nice to know some people enjoy my interaction and I also expect my protagonist to ... more
    • Residuals — Sandra, Fri Oct 22 12:25
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