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Tue Oct 26, 2010 18:08

I agree, where is the bum. Why isn't he discussing the episodes? I watched the Kingfish in the 60's religiously and would love to post about the episodes. I gave the synopsis about the missing episode "Andy Goes Into Business" over a yr. ago and remember it as if it was yesterday. "I believe I'll have another donut, the Kingfish exclaimed" Let's talk about the episodes and how they made us laugh, and leave politics and racial epitaphs out of it. It was great and is what it was, great writing and humor.....Brother Filbert

  • Where in the world is SchutzBob, Mon Oct 25 12:14
    I don't recall Dave Schutz ever participating in the discussions. He created this message board but he never comes around and offer his input. Is he well versed on the subject of Amos and Andy? We... more
    • Schutz — brotherfilbert, Tue Oct 26 18:08
      • No excuse for SchutzHarold, Wed Oct 27 05:21
        The issue of absenteeism is only compounded if Schutz is looking at the posts but does not feel any need to be a part of the inner circle. There are only a few regulars or small core group that make... more
        • resident trollSandra, Wed Oct 27 07:43
          I would hate to see this fofrum go under but I am afraid that is where it is headed. If the creator of the group is not present year after year, then the body has no head. I don't see how it can... more
          • Enough is enoughBob, Wed Oct 27 12:26
            It is not often I post a response to my wife Sandra but the lady has hit it on the nose. Brackett has stooped to the lowest of lows in his pathetic attempts to bash anyone who thinks Harold knows his ... more
            • SuggestionDanny, Thu Oct 28 19:55
              I really didn't want to respond to all 3 postings but I did find all interesting in their own way. When I clicked on Harold's there was a picture of Obama, the mack daddie, urging people to vote... more
    • Political CorrectnessDanny, Tue Oct 26 17:33
      How do we know he doesn't look at it? maybe he doesn't mind everyone isn't a kool aid drinker.
      • MoronBob, Fri Oct 29 10:57
        This is not the first time you have attacked my wife. Payback is a bitch. Fofrum is a typo for forum Mr. Brackett. Oh, I forgot you don't like to be called Mr. Brackett because it reminds you of your ... more
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