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Enough is enough
Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:26

It is not often I post a response to my wife Sandra but the lady has hit it on the nose. Brackett has stooped to the lowest of lows in his pathetic attempts to bash anyone who thinks Harold knows his stuff. Amos and Andy has become non existent in his abherrent mind and he has become obsessed with only posting trash talk and hatred specifically directed towards H or anyone who says a nice word about him. This web site is just as badly in need of a moderator as Dave Schutz's other web site about Superman. Schutz created that other message board and he is just as pathetic over there about being involved as he is here. He derives an income from advertisements from Superman just as he does Amos and Andy. I posted a message on the Superman Board letting them know that Amos and Andy was also created by Schutz and the problems they are experiencing mirror ours here on A&A. All of the problems can be directly attributed to Dave Schutz and it is time to pull him out of the shadows and get him to man up. He needs to stop using us for his own selfish personal gains financially while giving nothing back to us in return. Not even an occasional hello. Check out Superman's board and you will see the discontent they are experiencing. Most of their postings have been relagated to posting obitituaries of celebrities like Tony Curtis or Robert Culp. One posting over there even said "It's f*****G pitiful here" That was in response to no one posting anything for long periods of time or posting things with no bearing on the subject of Superman. Maybe if both web sites put presssure on this misanthropic dead weight guy, we might get some response from him. Here is a link to the Superman message board created by the same Dave Schutz. It even has a picture of Schutz himself over there.;article=66978;title=Adventures%20of%20Superman

  • resident trollSandra, Wed Oct 27 07:43
    I would hate to see this fofrum go under but I am afraid that is where it is headed. If the creator of the group is not present year after year, then the body has no head. I don't see how it can... more
    • Enough is enough — Bob, Wed Oct 27 12:26
      • SuggestionDanny, Thu Oct 28 19:55
        I really didn't want to respond to all 3 postings but I did find all interesting in their own way. When I clicked on Harold's there was a picture of Obama, the mack daddie, urging people to vote... more
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