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Thu Oct 28, 2010 19:55

I really didn't want to respond to all 3 postings but I did find all interesting in their own way. When I clicked on Harold's there was a picture of Obama, the mack daddie, urging people to vote democratic AKA progressive/socialist. So much for veering off topic into politics. Maybe I am not the only one after all. Then when I clicked on Sandra's posting I was confused as how to respond to her concern about "fofrum" what ever that is. I will just respond here with a suggestion. Why don't ya'll develop your own website in a venture toward capitalism. This way you can monitor it to your hearts content. This way you will have the final say in all decisions. You can keep out anyone you choose that stoops to a differing viewpoint or dares to veer off the reservation or topics of discussion. Sounds almost cultish.

  • Enough is enoughBob, Wed Oct 27 12:26
    It is not often I post a response to my wife Sandra but the lady has hit it on the nose. Brackett has stooped to the lowest of lows in his pathetic attempts to bash anyone who thinks Harold knows his ... more
    • Suggestion — Danny, Thu Oct 28 19:55
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