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Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:57

This is not the first time you have attacked my wife. Payback is a bitch. Fofrum is a typo for forum Mr. Brackett. Oh, I forgot you don't like to be called Mr. Brackett because it reminds you of your old dead worm-infested rotting carcass of a father who bastardized you. That is as good a reason as I can think of why abortion should have been your whorish Mother's choice. You want to make this message board your sounding board. You want a war, you got it. Sandra made a typo and you infer she must be dumb. Look at your own posting Mr. racist, bigoted Brackett. You are obviously a high ranking member in good standing of the Klan. You want to criticize a typo? Let's examine your own imbecilic sentences a first grader could have done better on. No fewer than 5 mistakes in two short sentences. No spacing between the question mark and the word "maybe" which you failed to capitalize. Did anyone ever teach you that the first word in a sentence is always capitalized? Danny the Retard even failed his English class when they went over proper nouns. kool aid is two separate words. The idiot meant to capitalize Kool-Aid and did not even include the hyphen.` You tried to insult my wife and that will no longer be tolerated. You want a war of words and since Schutz isn't around to delete my tirade on you, I will not mince words any more with you. The resident expert Harold has been a gentleman and I notice he does not respond back to your evil taunts. Yes, he is an expert in many subjects and I am hoping you continue your mindless, snake in the grass, head up your ass, crass attacks cause I will be here to counter your overt, discriminatory way of thinking.

  • Political CorrectnessDanny, Tue Oct 26 17:33
    How do we know he doesn't look at it? maybe he doesn't mind everyone isn't a kool aid drinker.
    • Moron — Bob, Fri Oct 29 10:57
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