Re: leaving
Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:30

I don't know a lot about message boards or how to start one, but it would be great if we could start another A&A message board somewhere! Meanwhile, hope you will stay in touch with us by email or telepathy or whatever!

  • leavingHarold, Sun Oct 31 09:50
    Just to let my friends know, I will be leaving this Amos and Andy message board. This will be my last message. If the web master Dave Schutz has no input whatsoever, it makes no sense for me to... more
    • Re: leavingAnonymous, Sun Oct 31 17:22
      You're leaving? Thank god. You get on my nerves.
      • AdiosBob, Mon Nov 1 09:12
        That's obnoxious Danny posting as anonymous. He ain't even got the balls to post his name anymore. I know it is the creep because he still does not know how to capitalize Proper Nouns. God is always... more
        • FYIDanny, Tue Nov 2 05:10
          You are wrong about that. I have never posted anonymous and never will. The last time there was an exodus someone posted the same thing and it was not me. By the way, in your last posting you defamed ... more
    • Re: leaving — Ann, Sun Oct 31 10:30
      • Gotta goSandra, Mon Nov 1 13:07
        Ann, you were one of only a few persons who lent credence to this message board. Your postings were thoughtful, provoked topic talk and were right on the money. I have to respect as an obedient wife... more
        • Re: Gotta goAnn, Tue Nov 2 08:14
          Guess this is the end of this board then, as I know I don't know enough about A & A to carry forth with it, Lola and others don't post too often. No point hanging with with! I'm sure he'll be very... more
          • ????George Brown, Tue Nov 2 16:26
            I've been unable to check the A&A web site for the past for a while, due to my mother's health and her moving in with my wife & I. So something must have really gone south here and I'm really sorry... more
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