Mon Nov 1, 2010 09:12

That's obnoxious Danny posting as anonymous. He ain't even got the balls to post his name anymore. I know it is the creep because he still does not know how to capitalize Proper Nouns. God is always capitalized Mr. Brackett but since you are an arrogant atheist, you use small letters for God. Hey Danny, don't you know I know more about you than you think. Your best buddy is probably that openly gay Mayor of your city, Mark Kleinschmidt. Since you want to be called anonymous DANIEL, I want you to know I know your address, phone number and your email address. Challenge me and I will print them on this web site. I don't bluff. Deny you are that anonymous poster and I will print them on here also before I depart. Since Harold gets on your nerves because he walks circles around your menial intelligence, I know I get on your nerves because unlike him, I will call you out. But you can rejoice in that you can have this web site all to yourself and anyone else who wishes to listen to your political dribble. I am leaving also never to return. You called it right Harold. I also am not going to continue greasing the pockets of a web master who is using us to profit off of but never participates. It's all yours Brackett. Blast away all you want now at me. I won't respond back no matter what crap you spew.

  • Re: leavingAnonymous, Sun Oct 31 17:22
    You're leaving? Thank god. You get on my nerves.
    • Adios — Bob, Mon Nov 1 09:12
      • FYIDanny, Tue Nov 2 05:10
        You are wrong about that. I have never posted anonymous and never will. The last time there was an exodus someone posted the same thing and it was not me. By the way, in your last posting you defamed ... more
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