Re: Gotta go
Tue Nov 2, 2010 08:14

Guess this is the end of this board then, as I know I don't know enough about A & A to carry forth with it, Lola and others don't post too often. No point hanging with with! I'm sure he'll be very happy here all by himself.

Maybe there will be a new board where the rest of us can gather at some point!

  • Gotta goSandra, Mon Nov 1 13:07
    Ann, you were one of only a few persons who lent credence to this message board. Your postings were thoughtful, provoked topic talk and were right on the money. I have to respect as an obedient wife... more
    • Re: Gotta go — Ann, Tue Nov 2 08:14
      • ????George Brown, Tue Nov 2 16:26
        I've been unable to check the A&A web site for the past for a while, due to my mother's health and her moving in with my wife & I. So something must have really gone south here and I'm really sorry... more
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