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George Brown
Tue Nov 2, 2010 16:26

I've been unable to check the A&A web site for the past for a while, due to my mother's health and her moving in with my wife & I. So something must have really gone south here and I'm really sorry to hear again all the crap going on here.
I will also miss Ann and Sandra, I was just getting to know them, alone with the others.
For those who know Harold's email please email him and he can forward you my email.
But please be aware I'm not able to respond daily....
Shappire: "to you i'm just a woman who scrub's the floor, darn your socks, cook your food, &
wash your clothes- you could go out & hire somebody to do that !
Kingfish : "that's not so & you know it ain't so. You know I can't afford to hire no woman to do the quality of work you does" (Shappire walks out crying) ""Well that's a woman for you, pay her a complement and she goes off crying"
Kingfish : Shappire said I didn't even know she was present, I don't know where she got that I waved at her twice while I was dancing " (episode Seeing is Believing"
Amos N Andy forever in our hearts.
George Brown
Crown Point, In

  • Re: Gotta goAnn, Tue Nov 2 08:14
    Guess this is the end of this board then, as I know I don't know enough about A & A to carry forth with it, Lola and others don't post too often. No point hanging with with! I'm sure he'll be very... more
    • ???? — George Brown, Tue Nov 2 16:26
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