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John Miller
Happy Anniversary A & A TV Series
Fri Apr 29, 2011 18:44

In June it will be 60 years since the Amos N' Andy program debuted on CBS.

It would be great if this discussion group would re-group and begin our discussions about the program and the series.

My focus over the years is to acquire the episodes that are not available and CBS refuses to release.

Warm regards to everyone who used to post here.

    • A & ADanny, Sun May 1 19:28
      Thanks John for posting. Warm regards to you. Good to see people coming back. Hopefully all views can be respected.
    • Anniverarydj, Sat Apr 30 09:40
      What, 60 years have zoomed by already? Wow! How far A&A has come in the hearts of so many people who still love their show and the performances. It's their anniversary and I think those who really... more
      • A & ADanny, Sun May 8 19:56
        dj, I appreciate all the support you gave me in the past.
      • A & ADanny, Sun May 1 18:09
        dj I am so glad you checked in! I had hoped for your return before now.
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