Happy 60th anniversary
Tue Jun 28, 2011 18:41

Warm wishes to Amos, Andy, Kingfish, and the rest of the gang on this, the sixtieth anniversary of their television debut. The series kicked off on June 28, 1951, with the episode "Kingfish Gets Drafted."

    • A & ADanny, Sun Aug 21 09:51
      Has any body checked in lately? Always happy to hear from dj.
      • Hey, Danny?dj, Mon Jan 2 11:13
        Hey out there! Are you still around? I hope you haven't gotten captured. I was watching an old movie with Alan Ladd 1959. I was happy to see Amos in the movie. Well, he played a butler but he was... more
        • A & ADanny, Tue Feb 7 19:38
          Hey dj, Saw some great Amos n Andy on you tube tonight. Also some great postings and comments about it. you may want to check it out. Danny
        • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 2 11:22
          Hey dj, great to hear from you! You have always been one of my favorite people on this forum! Hope to hear from you more often. At Christmastime I remember the show where Kingfish said Noel, Noel... more
          • correctionshar1old, Fri Jan 13 13:23
            Happy New Year to anyone who doesn't mind me making an appearance. As usual in the past, I tried to correct inaccurate statements with resentful results. Kingfish does not say Noel, Noel brother... more
            • Come on in...dj, Sat Jan 14 00:13
              Hey, don't be shy Har1old. Why, come on in and take a seat there's plenty of them. I've found it hard to post myself but if you love A&A and you know what you're saying don't hold back. We all enjoy... more
              • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 14:12
                Thanks dj and I agree completely! Harold made a posting saying he wouldn't be back. That is the same thing he said several months ago. He revealed a lot when he said we didn't appreciate his... more
                • A&A and Har1olddj, Sun Jan 15 16:59
                  Yes Danny I noticed how your statement could have sounded perhaps a bit sarcastic. But I don't think so. Giving to the temper of this site some months ago someone would think such. I believe as you... more
                  • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 18:11
                    Well said dj!! When I respond to you it is like preaching to the choir! You and I normally see eye to eye. I always like hearing from you. You add so much more to this forum, in my view, than almost... more
            • A & ADanny, Fri Jan 13 20:26
              Thanks Harold! We were wondering if this site was being monitored at all. Is this the first error you have seen recently? Always wanting to improve!
      • There's nodj, Mon Aug 22 14:24
        Hello Danny. I guess there's no one in the house but you and I. So...anyways, you just go on and talk, I'll talk back with you. I love talking about A&A and I know you do too, right? Boy if I could... more
        • A & ADanny, Mon Aug 22 16:25
          Thanks dj! I know at some point it got way too political and I will accept some of the blame for that. I just got tired of no ones views an assessments having any credibility outside of a few people. ... more
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