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Sat Oct 15, 2011 06:41

Thank you for the posting. Also thank you for the Jesse Jackson comment. I made that point, on a couple occasions, but some of the social do-gooders that have since left this forum always put me down for it as meaningless. I am glad someone else made the point.

  • A&A movie/specialMad Professor, Fri Oct 14 13:20
    In 1930, there was the film "Check & Double Check" with the original A&A radio stars Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. They also did a skit for the film "Big Broadcast of 1936" as well as two... more
    • A&A Movies/Cartoons/etc.John Miller, Mon Oct 17 16:49
      Mad Professor, Anatomy of a Controvery and the cartoons are available on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLcyymCmXRg&feature=watch-now-button&wide=1 ) the cartoons are also out there The... more
      • Thank you as welldj, Tue Oct 18 19:40
        I'm seeing some old names once again. This I think is very good. Hope that others will at least make a cameo. This is about A&A and many out there have something to share or say so don't be shy. You... more
        • Amos n AndyDanny, Mon Oct 31 18:57
          We were getting some great feedback for a while but seems to have slowed somewhat. Let's get it moving again. Hey dj what's up? Always great to hear from you!
          • I know...DJ, Tue Nov 1 16:41
            "Any messages that are offensive and have nothing to add to the discussion will be deleted" Have you notice the caution placed on this site now. I think that it is good and serves a great purpose.... more
            • Count Me In!John Miller, Thu Nov 3 02:12
              Hopefully our moderator will step up to the plate and moderate the site. Had this occurred a year ago perhaps the mass exodus of contributors would not have occurred. My love of the Amos and Andy TV... more
              • Welcome back aboarddj, Sat Nov 5 21:01
                I love this site. I'm thinking about when I first discovered it. I heard all these folks sharing their thoughts and ideas about the TV shows. For the most part it was all good. I've always loved A&A... more
              • A & ADanny, Sat Nov 5 07:38
                John, I agree with most of your points. The real truth is the people who had the "exodus" didn't respect the points made by any one other than their little select group of self appointed experts.... more
            • A & ADanny, Tue Nov 1 17:35
              Thanks dj for responding! I always felt good that we saw things similarly. Hope to hear from you more often. After all, you and I were slammed by the same group. Hope to hear from others.
    • Can't believe it's been so longdj, Sat Oct 15 08:22
      Yes, it's amazing how seemingly long ago the Anatomy of a Controversy has been. It is a wonderful tribute to A&A and I cherish my copy of it. Nick Stewart was still alive and well at that time and... more
      • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 16 05:55
        I hear you loud and clear dj! I have found copies of A & A in the Sunday supplements to some newspapers and at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. It is gratifying that this site has seemed to have found... more
        • He runs out...dj, Sun Oct 16 11:25
          My grown son is an L.A. Lakers fan. At least he claims to be. I told him when we were watching the play offs, back when the Lakers were doing the "back to back" thing. I notice when they looked like... more
          • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 16 13:56
            Thanks dj! I must confess I am guilty of similar actions. If it is one of my favorite teams,and the game is tight, I will keep up with it by computer and then go to the TV when I feel my stress level ... more
    • A & A — Danny, Sat Oct 15 06:41
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