He runs out...
Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:25

My grown son is an L.A. Lakers fan. At least he claims to be. I told him when we were watching the play offs, back when the Lakers were doing the "back to back" thing. I notice when they looked like they were about to lose he would run outside. I said to him, son if I were the Lakers I wouldn't want you on my team as a fan, a cheerleader or anything. He said why not dad?

I said to him, you're not the fan that you think you are because every time they fall way behind in this play off you storm outside, you abandon them. I told him he runs away when the team needs him there to keep cheering them on. The Lakers players can't run they have to stay there and fight.

Yes, they fought until they won. Then my son comes back cheering like he was always there.

Our team the A&A team are the underdogs. We are the cheer leaders cheering them on. Maybe, the day may come when they will receive at least an honorable mention.

  • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 16 05:55
    I hear you loud and clear dj! I have found copies of A & A in the Sunday supplements to some newspapers and at Cracker Barrel Restaurants. It is gratifying that this site has seemed to have found... more
    • He runs out... — dj, Sun Oct 16 11:25
      • A & ADanny, Sun Oct 16 13:56
        Thanks dj! I must confess I am guilty of similar actions. If it is one of my favorite teams,and the game is tight, I will keep up with it by computer and then go to the TV when I feel my stress level ... more
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