John Miller
Count Me In!
Thu Nov 3, 2011 02:12

Hopefully our moderator will step up to the plate and moderate the site. Had this occurred a year ago perhaps the mass exodus of contributors would not have occurred.

My love of the Amos and Andy TV series has not diminished. It would be wonderful if more of the lost episodes were to be discovered. However, since we are 60 years from the original airings I fear that is unlikely.

I would challenge those folks who have abandon this site because of inappropriate postings and negativity consider returning.

  • I know...DJ, Tue Nov 1 16:41
    "Any messages that are offensive and have nothing to add to the discussion will be deleted" Have you notice the caution placed on this site now. I think that it is good and serves a great purpose.... more
    • Count Me In! — John Miller, Thu Nov 3 02:12
      • Welcome back aboarddj, Sat Nov 5 21:01
        I love this site. I'm thinking about when I first discovered it. I heard all these folks sharing their thoughts and ideas about the TV shows. For the most part it was all good. I've always loved A&A... more
      • A & ADanny, Sat Nov 5 07:38
        John, I agree with most of your points. The real truth is the people who had the "exodus" didn't respect the points made by any one other than their little select group of self appointed experts.... more
    • A & ADanny, Tue Nov 1 17:35
      Thanks dj for responding! I always felt good that we saw things similarly. Hope to hear from you more often. After all, you and I were slammed by the same group. Hope to hear from others.
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