Welcome back aboard
Sat Nov 5, 2011 21:01

I love this site. I'm thinking about when I first discovered it. I heard all these folks sharing their thoughts and ideas about the TV shows. For the most part it was all good. I've always loved A&A and I thought these folks are really knowledgeable.

Many of them were very good and chipped in to inform the rest of us. Of course some how things went wrong. I think it was because the main interest of this site got mixed up. The antagonism grew and the show just died. That's interesting too because that sort of thing occurred with the original TV show of A&A.

It wasn't the NAACP's charges that ended A&A. The show like many shows after had it's problems and after so much dissension, discord and strife the decision was made to vacate the shows.

It was really unfortunate for the cast. Although most had some sort of an income or had perhaps an agent to get them into other movies, still it was rather pitiful to see them playing the servile rolls after being a part of a show that was such a major hit very early in the fifties.

  • Count Me In!John Miller, Thu Nov 3 02:12
    Hopefully our moderator will step up to the plate and moderate the site. Had this occurred a year ago perhaps the mass exodus of contributors would not have occurred. My love of the Amos and Andy TV... more
    • Welcome back aboard — dj, Sat Nov 5 21:01
    • A & ADanny, Sat Nov 5 07:38
      John, I agree with most of your points. The real truth is the people who had the "exodus" didn't respect the points made by any one other than their little select group of self appointed experts.... more
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