Hey, Danny?
Mon Jan 2, 2012 11:13

Hey out there! Are you still around? I hope you haven't gotten captured. I was watching an old movie with Alan Ladd 1959. I was happy to see Amos in the movie. Well, he played a butler but he was making money and that is the important thing since losing the job they all had with the A&A shows.

I'm still around so post when ever, we can share some things.

  • A & ADanny, Sun Aug 21 09:51
    Has any body checked in lately? Always happy to hear from dj.
    • Hey, Danny? — dj, Mon Jan 2 11:13
      • A & ADanny, Tue Feb 7 19:38
        Hey dj, Saw some great Amos n Andy on you tube tonight. Also some great postings and comments about it. you may want to check it out. Danny
      • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 2 11:22
        Hey dj, great to hear from you! You have always been one of my favorite people on this forum! Hope to hear from you more often. At Christmastime I remember the show where Kingfish said Noel, Noel... more
        • correctionshar1old, Fri Jan 13 13:23
          Happy New Year to anyone who doesn't mind me making an appearance. As usual in the past, I tried to correct inaccurate statements with resentful results. Kingfish does not say Noel, Noel brother... more
          • Come on, Sat Jan 14 00:13
            Hey, don't be shy Har1old. Why, come on in and take a seat there's plenty of them. I've found it hard to post myself but if you love A&A and you know what you're saying don't hold back. We all enjoy... more
            • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 14:12
              Thanks dj and I agree completely! Harold made a posting saying he wouldn't be back. That is the same thing he said several months ago. He revealed a lot when he said we didn't appreciate his... more
              • A&A and Har1olddj, Sun Jan 15 16:59
                Yes Danny I noticed how your statement could have sounded perhaps a bit sarcastic. But I don't think so. Giving to the temper of this site some months ago someone would think such. I believe as you... more
                • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 18:11
                  Well said dj!! When I respond to you it is like preaching to the choir! You and I normally see eye to eye. I always like hearing from you. You add so much more to this forum, in my view, than almost... more
                  • Well, thanksdj, Mon Jan 16 13:45
                    Well thanks Danny. I like this site because it's about A&A. I remember the show as a young boy and how we kids always clowned like them. The show never had on us that imaginary consequences that its... more
                    • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 23 16:11
                      dj, Did you watch the NFL Playoffs? If so what were your impressions? Danny
                    • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 16 16:36
                      Beautifully said, dj! I hope some of the monitors and trollers and bottom feeders read it! I had a friend, back then, that used to go around all the time saying, Ohooooo Sapphire!!!
          • A & ADanny, Fri Jan 13 20:26
            Thanks Harold! We were wondering if this site was being monitored at all. Is this the first error you have seen recently? Always wanting to improve!
    • There's nodj, Mon Aug 22 14:24
      Hello Danny. I guess there's no one in the house but you and I. So...anyways, you just go on and talk, I'll talk back with you. I love talking about A&A and I know you do too, right? Boy if I could... more
      • A & ADanny, Mon Aug 22 16:25
        Thanks dj! I know at some point it got way too political and I will accept some of the blame for that. I just got tired of no ones views an assessments having any credibility outside of a few people. ... more
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