Larry Parylla
Where can I buy the best quality most complete edition?
Tue Jan 3, 2012 17:23

I have wanted to buy a DVD set for a long time but I held off because of money and missing episodes. I did some checking today and discovered that they are selling a 75 episode collection from diffrent companies. Then I looked to see if I could find the Madden collection but I can't seem to find it. Is the Madden collection still available, and does it have the old commercials, I have a few VHS copies of VHS copies that have the Blatz beer commercials I hope they are included on the DVD.

I also noticed DVD sets that included MP3s of the radio shows and some printed material.

From what I understand Andy Gets Married was one of the lost episodes but I am watching it now on U-Tube

So can I get the Madden collection with the missing episodes.

    • Howard Madden collectionDavid, Tue Jan 3 18:40
      You can find the Howard Madden Amos 'n Andy collection at the following website. Don't think Howard runs it anymore but his family does: The Amos 'n... more
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