A&A and Har1old
Sun Jan 15, 2012 16:59

Yes Danny I noticed how your statement could have sounded perhaps a bit sarcastic. But I don't think so. Giving to the temper of this site some months ago someone would think such. I believe as you do and even as Har1old has himself stated how he has tried to correct other people's postings concerning A&A but certain people have not accepted it.

I also believe, or rather it's obvious to me that the man knows A&A. If he could tone himself down just a little bit perhaps we could have some good ol' discussions again about A&A. For me of course, that would mean eliminating so much of the bitterness about Blacks and how they were treated away back in the early fifties. I mean, haven't we moved far beyond all those depressing days.

This is the year 2012. A&A gets the credit today for every black person in entertainment today particular in movies. Why, because the were the first the leading Black movies trailblazers until they were shot down by their own kind. Show me an actor in the mainstream that did what he or she liked when they began in the movies.

The whites who donned burnt cork really didn't like performing in that way themselves. How degrading it must have been for them to be acting like black people show after show. What do the say to their friends about their work? I know many of them did it, that is until they got really tired of it.

No body could have matched the A&A show and no body could have done a better job than the full cast of A&A. What's important, I believe, is that on this site lovers of them can keep their legacy and their performances alive.

Well, that's all I'll say today. I going back to enjoy watching "Pinky". I love the performances of especially the black stars for the same reasons as A&A.

Any mistakes and errors if you could kindly excuse. I hope you get my message.

  • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 14:12
    Thanks dj and I agree completely! Harold made a posting saying he wouldn't be back. That is the same thing he said several months ago. He revealed a lot when he said we didn't appreciate his... more
    • A&A and Har1old — dj, Sun Jan 15 16:59
      • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 18:11
        Well said dj!! When I respond to you it is like preaching to the choir! You and I normally see eye to eye. I always like hearing from you. You add so much more to this forum, in my view, than almost... more
        • Well, thanksdj, Mon Jan 16 13:45
          Well thanks Danny. I like this site because it's about A&A. I remember the show as a young boy and how we kids always clowned like them. The show never had on us that imaginary consequences that its... more
          • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 23 16:11
            dj, Did you watch the NFL Playoffs? If so what were your impressions? Danny
            • NFLdj, Sat Jan 28 17:53
              Aaaaaaaaaa, I have to talk to my son "D" and I'll get back to you?
              • A & ADanny, Sat Jan 28 19:32
                I wonder what is going on down on Lennox Avenue tonight? You remember Andy's girl friend Gloria de Winters?
          • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 16 16:36
            Beautifully said, dj! I hope some of the monitors and trollers and bottom feeders read it! I had a friend, back then, that used to go around all the time saying, Ohooooo Sapphire!!!
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