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Sun Jan 15, 2012 18:11

Well said dj!! When I respond to you it is like preaching to the choir! You and I normally see eye to eye. I always like hearing from you. You add so much more to this forum, in my view, than almost anyone.

  • A&A and Har1olddj, Sun Jan 15 16:59
    Yes Danny I noticed how your statement could have sounded perhaps a bit sarcastic. But I don't think so. Giving to the temper of this site some months ago someone would think such. I believe as you... more
    • A & A — Danny, Sun Jan 15 18:11
      • Well, thanksdj, Mon Jan 16 13:45
        Well thanks Danny. I like this site because it's about A&A. I remember the show as a young boy and how we kids always clowned like them. The show never had on us that imaginary consequences that its... more
        • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 23 16:11
          dj, Did you watch the NFL Playoffs? If so what were your impressions? Danny
          • NFLdj, Sat Jan 28 17:53
            Aaaaaaaaaa, I have to talk to my son "D" and I'll get back to you?
            • A & ADanny, Sat Jan 28 19:32
              I wonder what is going on down on Lennox Avenue tonight? You remember Andy's girl friend Gloria de Winters?
        • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 16 16:36
          Beautifully said, dj! I hope some of the monitors and trollers and bottom feeders read it! I had a friend, back then, that used to go around all the time saying, Ohooooo Sapphire!!!
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