Well, thanks
Mon Jan 16, 2012 13:45

Well thanks Danny. I like this site because it's about A&A. I remember the show as a young boy and how we kids always clowned like them. The show never had on us that imaginary consequences that its critics erroneously thought would ruin the scruples of the little black kids of that time. Looking back it was a very wonderful time and A&A adds to it.

Many in my circled generation talked and acted like A&A the same way we all played Roy Rogers, Hop-along-Cassidy and Gene Autry. I really feel it is a marvelous thing that so many people still remember the show today. It is a good thing too that people can come here and share their bit of nostalgia and to reminisce on their pleasant days gone by.

  • A & ADanny, Sun Jan 15 18:11
    Well said dj!! When I respond to you it is like preaching to the choir! You and I normally see eye to eye. I always like hearing from you. You add so much more to this forum, in my view, than almost... more
    • Well, thanks — dj, Mon Jan 16 13:45
      • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 23 16:11
        dj, Did you watch the NFL Playoffs? If so what were your impressions? Danny
        • NFLdj, Sat Jan 28 17:53
          Aaaaaaaaaa, I have to talk to my son "D" and I'll get back to you?
          • A & ADanny, Sat Jan 28 19:32
            I wonder what is going on down on Lennox Avenue tonight? You remember Andy's girl friend Gloria de Winters?
      • A & ADanny, Mon Jan 16 16:36
        Beautifully said, dj! I hope some of the monitors and trollers and bottom feeders read it! I had a friend, back then, that used to go around all the time saying, Ohooooo Sapphire!!!
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