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Thu Mar 1, 2012 16:47

What's up dj? haven't heard from you lately or anyone for that matter. Need to keep this going.

    • hey, hey, hey!!!dj, Sat Mar 3 20:51
      I'm still here. I've been watching several old movies with some of the actors on A&A. Recently I watched Amos on a show that starred Alan Ladd. Another show that starred the woman who played mama, or ... more
      • A & ADanny, Sun Mar 4 11:32
        Hey dj, Good to hear from you! I have a few tapes of Amos $ Andy with Jack Benny and Rochester. Kingfish and Andy started an employment agency so they wouldn't have to take a real job. One with... more
        • Those tapes you havedj, Wed May 2 21:24
          Hello Danny. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I guest business is still the same. I did catch your post on the tapes you have. I'm wondering if those are radio tapes or video tapes. They... more
          • Amos n AndyDanny, Sun Jun 3 11:48
            What is up dj? getting hot where I live. watching my old Celtics. You were right about Kingfish being ahead of his time. I saw where around 88M people don't work but they all eat.
            • I was right?dj, Sun Jun 3 16:55
              Hey good buddy how's things goin'. Yeah, it's getting hot where I live. As a matter of fact...it's soooo hot here that I don't think the Kingfish would ever tip his hat at a good deal. And really the ... more
              • A & ADanny, Sat Jul 6 16:53
                Hey dj, I miss hearing from you. What you up to buddy?
                • Hello Dannydj, Sat Jul 20 18:58
                  I'm still here. I've been a lot pre-occupied I guess with substance in my life. But it's all good. Hey, I lost my VCR's I had on A&A and the movie Song of the South. Sure would like to get another.... more
                  • A & ADanny, Wed Jul 24 20:02
                    Hey dj great to hear from you! I will look around for the episodes you are looking for and get back to you. I will always appreciate the way you were able to look past all the superficial,... more
              • A & ADanny, Thu Nov 1 16:41
                hey dj you remember when Andy asked Kingfish " what is customs?" he said Andy it is the custom islands they are owned by Spain oh you is heared that old saying them old spanish customs. do you... more
              • A & ADanny, Sat Oct 6 07:40
                what are you up to dj? haven't heard from you in a while.
                • Hello Good Buddydj, Sat Oct 6 19:03
                  You're right there hasn't been much activity around. I did notice the request from the website of "Light'n" daughter. Do you know anything about it. Just wondering if it interested you at all. Let me ... more
                  • A & ADanny, Tue Oct 9 20:34
                    Hi dj, Always good to hear from you! All I know about Lightening (Nick Stewart) website is what I read from his daughter. Have you listened to some new A & A lately? What part of the country are you... more
              • Amos n AndyDanny, Mon Sep 10 18:23
                Hey dj, how you doing friend? Saw great you tube recently. it was the same episode from TV days. Kingfish and Calhoun were at Yankee Stadium. A woman dropped a $3,000 pearl ring in Kingfish box of... more
              • Amos n AndyDanny, Sat Jul 28 16:09
                Hey dj just thinking of you. Hope you are doing great and not too hot. i am just sitting here enjoying my chick fil a and wondering who built my business me or someone else.
                • Hello Danny dj, Sat Dec 8 18:30
                  Hey I just thought I'd sign in because there's no one around the house anymore. I just watched an episode where Kingfish found a wallet. You know that's some really funny stuff. I think the... more
                  • A & ADanny, Sun Dec 9 05:26
                    Hey dj, always great to hear from you! I saw one recently where Kingfish and Calhoun went to Yankee Stadium. A woman leaned over a railing and dropped a $5000 ring into Kingfish' popcorn. he thought... more
                • Hello, Hellodj, Mon Jul 30 18:10
                  Hi Danny, long time no talk to. How are things for you? You did mention hot. Sounds like you've pin-pointed my location. I haven't visited this site in a spell I think it would be kinda' cool to hear ... more
                  • A & ADanny, Mon Jul 30 20:35
                    Thanks for responding dj! My chick fil a was just tweaking the people objecting to their views on marriage. Don't know your location but it is hot in the sunny south. Probably hot on Lennox Avenue at ... more
              • KingfishDanny, Sun Jun 3 19:39
                Dj Do you remember when Kingfish and Andy opened an employment agency? The announcer said the best way to avoid taking a job is to make sure someone else gets it. Jack Benny and Rochester was in that ... more
              • KingfishDanny, Sun Jun 3 19:31
                dj You remember when Kingfish and Andy opened an employment agency? The announcer said the best way to avoid taking a job is to make sure someone else gets it. Jack Benny and Rochester was on that... more
          • A & ADanny, Thu May 3 17:34
            Hey dj always great to hear from my favorite contributor! The tapes were from the radio show. Some from the 1940s. I agree with you up to a point. He was lazy and i don't know how he afforded an... more
        • A&A cameodj, Sun Mar 4 22:19
          You know I seem to remember, away back in time, different actors from the show would make a cameo appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Can you recall ever seeing such a show?
          • The Toast of the Towndj, Tue Mar 6 13:41
            I really do remember and I remember certain celebrities would make an appearance. Of course I don't remember the full time because I was just a kid. However, I am sure I recall the Kingfish appearing ... more
            • Amos & AndyDanny, Wed Mar 7 20:14
              Thanks dj! I don't have a huge collection but I do have a few DVDs and cassettes. The best place I have found to get them are Cracker Barrel Restaurants and have ordered them from Sunday supplements... more
          • A & ADanny, Mon Mar 5 17:24
            Yes dj I do remember that up to a point until political correctness reared its ugly head. Amos & Andy was one great, great show until the do gooders moved in and imposed their own version of morality ... more
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