The Toast of the Town
Tue Mar 6, 2012 13:41

I really do remember and I remember certain celebrities would make an appearance. Of course I don't remember the full time because I was just a kid. However, I am sure I recall the Kingfish appearing with his big hat on his head. I would like to take the time to view some of those shows and I certain that I'd see people from the A&A shows appear.

Hey that sounds like a pretty cool collection you have too.

  • A&A cameodj, Sun Mar 4 22:19
    You know I seem to remember, away back in time, different actors from the show would make a cameo appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Can you recall ever seeing such a show?
    • The Toast of the Town — dj, Tue Mar 6 13:41
      • Amos & AndyDanny, Wed Mar 7 20:14
        Thanks dj! I don't have a huge collection but I do have a few DVDs and cassettes. The best place I have found to get them are Cracker Barrel Restaurants and have ordered them from Sunday supplements... more
    • A & ADanny, Mon Mar 5 17:24
      Yes dj I do remember that up to a point until political correctness reared its ugly head. Amos & Andy was one great, great show until the do gooders moved in and imposed their own version of morality ... more
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