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Hello Danny
Sat Dec 8, 2012 18:30

Hey I just thought I'd sign in because there's no one around the house anymore. I just watched an episode where Kingfish found a wallet. You know that's some really funny stuff.

I think the originality of it makes it especially good. I realize that TV shows do get old and have to make way for the new stuff. But this show, if it had the financial backing and support is indeed the show that would rival I love Lucy.

When you can, get back to me. Right now though, I'm going back and watch another episode. Talk later.

  • Amos n AndyDanny, Sat Jul 28 16:09
    Hey dj just thinking of you. Hope you are doing great and not too hot. i am just sitting here enjoying my chick fil a and wondering who built my business me or someone else.
    • Hello Danny — dj, Sat Dec 8 18:30
      • A & ADanny, Sun Dec 9 05:26
        Hey dj, always great to hear from you! I saw one recently where Kingfish and Calhoun went to Yankee Stadium. A woman leaned over a railing and dropped a $5000 ring into Kingfish' popcorn. he thought... more
    • Hello, Hellodj, Mon Jul 30 18:10
      Hi Danny, long time no talk to. How are things for you? You did mention hot. Sounds like you've pin-pointed my location. I haven't visited this site in a spell I think it would be kinda' cool to hear ... more
      • A & ADanny, Mon Jul 30 20:35
        Thanks for responding dj! My chick fil a was just tweaking the people objecting to their views on marriage. Don't know your location but it is hot in the sunny south. Probably hot on Lennox Avenue at ... more
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