why the site is asinine
Mon Dec 10, 2012 09:07

Every year for the last couple years since this web site went down the drain because of injecting unnecessary, irrelevant political attacks, I post one editorial around this time of year. It is unfortunate that such a great central topic was single handidly destroyed by the actions of one person. I have reprinted the last comment made by this person before a mass exodus of members decided they have had enough. The person suggested them to start their own website. Do I monitor this Amos and Andy web site with two remaining contributing members who only use the web site as an email to talk about how they adore each other? Nah, that kind of male bonding is too superfluous for my tastes. I automatically am notified that these two guys are writing salutations to each other with little to no substative discussion on issues pertaining to Amos and Andy. The website is dull and no one wants to read about two guys checking in with each other. You guys can do that through Skype and that way you can see each other and talk about how much you care for each other.
With that thought in mind, here is a reprint of the last message posted by this person who ran everyone away and a compilation of what he has posted over the last couple years to his pen pal.

Thu Oct 28, 2010 19:55

I really didn't want to respond to all 3 postings but I did find all interesting in their own way. When I clicked on Harold's there was a picture of Obama, the mack daddie, urging people to vote democratic AKA progressive/socialist. So much for veering off topic into politics. Maybe I am not the only one after all. Then when I clicked on Sandra's posting I was confused as how to respond to her concern about "fofrum" what ever that is. I will just respond here with a suggestion. Why don't ya'll develop your own website in a venture toward capitalism. This way you can monitor it to your hearts content. This way you will have the final say in all decisions. You can keep out anyone you choose that stoops to a differing viewpoint or dares to veer off the reservation or topics of discussion. Sounds almost cultish.

A & A Danny, Thu May 3 17:34
Hey dj always great to hear from my favorite contributor

A & A Danny, Sun Dec 9 05:26
Hey dj, always great to hear from you

Amos n Andy Danny, Sat Jul 28 16:09
Hey dj just thinking of you

Amos n Andy Danny, Mon Sep 10 18:23
Hey dj, how you doing friend

A & A Danny, Tue Oct 9 20:34
Hi dj, Always good to hear from you!

A & A Danny, Sat Oct 6 07:40
what are you up to dj?

Amos n Andy Danny, Sun Jun 3 11:48
What is up dj? getting hot where I live.

A & A Danny, Sun Mar 4 11:32
Hey dj, Good to hear from you!

A & A Danny, Thu Mar 1 16:47
What's up dj? haven't heard from you lately

A & A Danny, Sun May 1 18:09
dj I am so glad you checked in!

    • A & ADanny, Tue Dec 11 04:34
      Hey dj, Looked who checked in with an admission he looks at the site! The one who knows everything is wrong that there are no postings about the show. At least the last 2 were. As far as my last... more
      • Someone's watching youdj, Tue Dec 11 22:40
        Hello again, so soon. Have you ever had the feeling like some one is watching you? Do you think that the Kingfish and the gang ever stalked someone? I don't think it was ever that kind of show. A&A... more
        • A & ADanny, Wed Dec 12 16:41
          dj, I cannot improve on this. This is a masterpiece! Well-said! AMEN brother! I knew they couldn't contain themselves and would monitor this site. I wonder if Harold is part of the 47%????
          • It's just about A&Adj, Thu Dec 20 10:44
            I remember some of the names that used to post on this site. It was quite a group everyone making whatever comment they knew how. But right or wrong that was his or her contribution to the site. If... more
            • A & ADanny, Mon Dec 24 20:13
              M E R R Y CHRISTMAS dj!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! "Noel, Noel brother Andy"
            • A & ADanny, Thu Dec 20 16:07
              As always well said dj! You saw through all the arrogance. I agree with your sentiments completely! I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a safe Christmas!
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